Comcast and Google to offer $70 monthly broadband plans for $20 per month

Comcast and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Fiber, the world’s largest Internet provider, and Frontier Communications Inc., a leading cable and satellite television company, are teaming up to offer a bundle of broadband Internet access plans for less than $70 a month.The offer is expected to be announced Tuesday and will be available to Frontier customers starting […]

How to change your Google Mesh router’s routing number in 10 seconds

A few months ago, Google started showing users a small “change your routing number” window.The number in the window was a reference to the Google Mesh Router app and not a real-time number.Now, a new feature allows users to change the number at any time, even while they’re connected to the internet.Users can go to […]

How to create a geocoding router and gateway with an Asus router

What to read next We are still in the middle of the geocoder-making phase, but in this article we’ll see how to create geocoders for use in your home or office, using an Asus Router and a geoservice number (GNSN).What’s a geomicroscope?A geomicrobial sensor detects the temperature, humidity and light levels of a surface using […]

The next generation of rail networks

Transportation leaders say the next generation will rely more heavily on high-speed rail and a dedicated train car to move large cargo and people.It will also include more low-speed trains.More:Amtrak’s rail cars and train cars are set to make an appearance at the Railcar Exhibition at the National Museum of Transportation in Washington.The railcars, which […]


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