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How to Get a Visa For The Money And Get A Visa Without Leaving Your Home

A $100,000-plus Visa may be a great offer for a traveler who’s trying to stay in the US.But there are some downsides.1.Your Visa is the most expensive Visa you’ll ever pay forThe cost of a US Visa varies from $100 to $200.That’s a big difference.It’s also not a perfect fit for many people who live […]

How to make the Nest router your own gateway

What is the Nest, Google’s router, and Google’s search app?Read More ?The Nest is a router that can connect to a Nest thermostat or a Nest-controlled thermostatically controlled smart home system.The Nest’s software will manage how it communicates with Nest thermoregulators and thermostats.Nest is known for its smart thermostaters, which are able to automatically control […]

When you think about getting rid of your old smartphone, a gigabit router could be a way out

I’m not sure what you need more, an amazon or an internet service provider (ISP) router.But the fact is that when you need to move from a smartphone to a laptop, you might want a router.There are so many reasons to move, from keeping the internet a little cheaper to keeping a PC running when […]

Why the first step in your router’s upgrade is to add VPN services

In this week’s installment of The Verge’s Router Upgrade Guide, we take a closer look at the pros and cons of adding VPN services to your router.If you’re not familiar with the concept, a VPN is a service that allows users to communicate with each other over a network without connecting to any servers.The service […]

The FCC’s ‘nighthawking’ rules may not be necessary after all

In a surprising twist, the Federal Communications Commission may not need to approve the new “nighthawks” rule, which requires ISPs to use more than just “common carrier” technology when transmitting high-speed internet connections.The FCC voted 6-3 Tuesday to adopt the rules, which would prevent the use of a single common carrier to provide wireless internet […]

How to make the best mobile phone out of a cheap, wireless router

If you’re a tech geek like me, you probably know that the iPhone has a massive impact on how you can work and socialize.The iPhone has brought about a whole host of innovations that are currently revolutionizing the world of communication.Now that you know how to build your own wireless router, we can explore what’s […]


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