The Latest: A few more flights in and out of Santander airport for the day

The latest flights into Santander International Airport (SIA) are expected to depart at 9:00am local time (16:00 GMT).A few hours earlier, the number of flights into SIA dropped to just 11.The number of departures is still around 3.5 million, according to the airlines website, and has dropped slightly from the peak of 16 million flights […]

Comcast and Google to offer $70 monthly broadband plans for $20 per month

Comcast and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Fiber, the world’s largest Internet provider, and Frontier Communications Inc., a leading cable and satellite television company, are teaming up to offer a bundle of broadband Internet access plans for less than $70 a month.The offer is expected to be announced Tuesday and will be available to Frontier customers starting […]

How the suncoasts are evolving to handle the internet of things

Suncoast route 66 pizza has seen its popularity grow over the past year.The chain has seen more than 3,000 customers sign up since October, the first day of classes on the new SunCoast route, which includes Suncoaster, SunCoaster, and SunCoasters restaurants.Suncoaster is opening in San Diego next week and the new routing includes the SunCoasts, […]

The FCC’s ‘nighthawking’ rules may not be necessary after all

In a surprising twist, the Federal Communications Commission may not need to approve the new “nighthawks” rule, which requires ISPs to use more than just “common carrier” technology when transmitting high-speed internet connections.The FCC voted 6-3 Tuesday to adopt the rules, which would prevent the use of a single common carrier to provide wireless internet […]

How to make the best mobile phone out of a cheap, wireless router

If you’re a tech geek like me, you probably know that the iPhone has a massive impact on how you can work and socialize.The iPhone has brought about a whole host of innovations that are currently revolutionizing the world of communication.Now that you know how to build your own wireless router, we can explore what’s […]

What’s the best way to use Google’s Nest wifi router?

Google is reportedly working on a WiFi router that can act as a smart thermostat, but a new report says it’s also connected to the internet.The Nest router is designed to work with the internet, but can be used to connect to Google’s Mesh networking system, which works with smartphones, laptops, and tablets.The new report […]

NHL: NHL 16 update to be released tomorrow, but there’s a new ‘mobile’ version of NHL 12 and a new NHL app for mobile devices that could be the real deal

NHL fans, players, and media have been clamoring for an update to NHL 16 for years.Last week, the NHL announced the next major update for NHL 16, which was due to be delivered tomorrow (August 31) but has been delayed to September 21.Now, according to a report from Forbes, a new mobile version of the […]


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