The RTE RYBI Router is now a full mobile internet provider

RTE is now offering its RYBi router as a full-featured mobile internet service.

The RYbi router features two-gigabit Ethernet ports, a dual-band WLAN, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The router comes with a 12-month contract, and the company is offering a free upgrade for new users.

The RYBiosRX100 router comes pre-installed with the latest RYiOS, RYbiosRx100 app, and RYbisource RTE Router Software.

The free upgrade offers users the ability to upgrade to a subscription-based service that will provide more functionality, including access to the router’s full-screen media browser, online gaming, and more.

The company is also offering a 2GB monthly data plan that will give users access to a whopping 16GB of storage.

The 2GB data plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data, but users can also upgrade to 3GB of additional storage with a $14.99 monthly fee.

The 4GB monthly plan will provide access to up to a 64GB of cloud storage, a 1TB hard drive, a 128GB solid state drive, and a 256GB SSD.

The router is powered by a 2.4GHz dual-core processor, and it comes with 512MB of RAM, 802.16ac Wi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Users can also use the RYBSenseRX 100 Wi-fi module to connect to their mobile device’s Wi-FI hotspot.

The company says that it is offering the RRYBI router as “a great value” for its high-end users who need an inexpensive alternative to a high-priced router like the Ubiquiti AP-T500, or a cheap, low-end router like Linksys Router Pro or Linksys Flex.

The pricing on the RYEBI router is $169.99 for the 2GB plan, $199.99 after the 2G/3G data add-on, and $249.99 with the 4GB data add on.


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