When is RFRN being removed from the RFRNs?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s RFRNet has been removed from internet services in Australia, but the broadcaster has promised to ensure that the network will remain in place for all users.

The network was initially pulled off all the major internet services across Australia last year after being deemed unsuitable for public use.

The ABC did not provide any details about why it had taken the decision to remove the service.

The removal of RFRNET has been described by RFR advocates as a step towards the end of a system of censorship, with the organisation’s members and supporters calling on ISPs to immediately remove RFRnet from their networks.

The move was welcomed by the Australian Federation of Internet Users, which has been campaigning for the removal of the network.

“We welcome this decision by the NBN Co. to remove RFrNet from its network, and we’re hoping that this will help to reduce the impact of this network’s content and reduce its harmful impact on our communities,” said AFI’s Chief Executive David McQuarrie.

“This is yet another example of the NBN’s ‘net neutrality’ policy, which we see as a threat to the freedom of expression, association and information.”

However, RFR advocacy group Access Now Australia said it would be disappointed to see the network removed.

“RFRNet was one of the most powerful internet freedom tools in Australia for years, but it has now been stripped from the internet,” said Access Now spokesperson Dan Drennan.

Despite the decision, Access Now says it will continue to fight for the continued existence of RFrnet. “

There’s no way we can live with a network that can censor any kind of content.”

Despite the decision, Access Now says it will continue to fight for the continued existence of RFrnet.

“The fact that the ABC is continuing to censor RFrnets content is an insult to the people who made it happen, and an insult for the Australian community,” Drennean said.

“That network’s been around for decades, and has been a tool to help people find information and to share their concerns.”


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