FCC chairman: ‘The FCC is a very small place’ after new Trump rules

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican who ran for president last year, is expected to unveil a sweeping set of rules that he says will help ensure the nation’s broadband network remains strong.

The rules are expected to be unveiled as soon as Friday at a conference of the Federal Communications Commission, which oversees the nation and many other regulatory agencies.

They include a number of measures to limit internet access and charge for broadband, among other things.

The FCC rules were the subject of intense scrutiny by lawmakers and consumer groups in recent weeks, and have become the focus of a series of protests in cities around the country as the agency tries to balance competing interests and provide a better internet for Americans.

The Trump administration has made no secret of its opposition to Pai’s plan.

It has said that the FCC rules are “bad for consumers and for competition,” and that they would lead to a “sluggish economy.”

Pai’s plans have drawn criticism from many Democrats and consumer advocates.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., tweeted on Friday that Pai’s proposals “cannot be right.”

She said the FCC is “a very small part of the government” and called for a “comprehensive review” of the rules, which are part of a long-standing FCC effort to regulate the internet.

Pai, a former Verizon executive, took over the agency in December after the Obama administration left it under Republican control.

He said the new rules are needed to make sure the internet remains a “universal platform” for free speech and expression.

“I’m excited to share these rules with you today, and to continue to engage with our colleagues in Congress and across the country to ensure they fully understand the benefits of these important regulations and what they can do to help ensure they are implemented,” he said in a statement.

Penny’s plan, meanwhile, includes some new rules that are expected have a positive impact on consumers.

Pai said in the statement that his plan will “help ensure that all Americans can access and enjoy the internet.”

The FCC is the nation, he added, and its rules should apply to everyone.


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