Microsoft and Cisco announce a new high-speed wireless routing network for Microsoft and the Cisco Systems Group

Microsoft and Broadcom Corp. have announced a high-capacity wireless routing (WAP) network for use by businesses, universities, hospitals, and other organizations.

The new network will offer speeds up to 500Mbps per second and is designed for use in a wide range of environments, including healthcare, transportation, retail, and telecommunications.

“It’s a significant step forward for the development of a wide-scale wireless solution, which has been hindered by the lack of high-density networks in recent years,” said Mark Hurd, executive vice president of corporate development and alliances for Microsoft, in a statement.

The wireless network will be built by Broadcom and Microsoft and is expected to be ready for use next year.

“We’re thrilled to have the Microsoft network as part of our next wave of products,” said Broadcom vice president for network and infrastructure innovation, James Anderson.

“As we build our network, we will use it to provide a wide array of connectivity services to our customers.

It will help us provide a reliable and reliable wireless solution to our millions of customers, and will help to keep them connected across the globe.”

The announcement comes at a time when the wireless industry is experiencing rapid growth.

Wireless networks have become a common part of businesses’ networks as well as their homes and offices, providing access to large numbers of people.

Microsoft and other major companies have also invested heavily in new wireless technologies to boost the speed of data transmission.

The Broadcom-Microsoft partnership is expected not only to improve the speed and reliability of data traffic between networks, but also to help businesses and universities use Microsoft’s new WAP technology in the classroom.

“With this new WAN, we can deliver faster, more reliable wireless access to our students, faculty, staff, and administrators,” said Anderson.

The new wireless network is also expected to help Broadcom’s existing enterprise-grade WAP platform work better with Microsoft’s cloud-based cloud service.

Broadcom is also building a high speed wireless network for Cisco Systems, the world’s leading provider of high speed, high density networking equipment.

Cisco announced its first WAP network earlier this year.

Broadnet announced its new WLAN in October.

Both companies are seeking to create a network with a higher capacity than Microsoft’s.


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